-If you are planning to be on campus for a short period (up to eight consecutive days) and do not want to purchase daily parking every morning, a short term casual permit is available. Click on Get Permits, select Daily/short term Permit, follow the prompts. It's that simple.

If you will be on campus for more than eight (8) days per month, you may purchase a monthly  permit.

You have the option of:


                                   -  1 month individual permits for September, October, November, December.

                                    -  A term permit (September-December).


Starting August 1, 2021, if you purchase a monthly or term power permit, please park in power designated areas on a scramble basis. if you purchase a monthly or term non-power permit, please park in non-power designated areas on a scramble basis.


 Commuting & Parking will be  introducing a new Payroll Deduction Process for Parking monthly fees (staff only).

 Look for updates here and in the all staff bulletins.                                


-- All permits are pro-rated

-- Power and Non-power permits are available.

-- All parking is on a scramble basis.

-- Refer to bottom of this page for informative links about Parking.

-- Email your questions to


Casual Parking Information for Notre Dame and Stevenson Aviation Campuses

Casual Rates are as follows:
        -$2.00 per hour (or a portion)
        -$8.00 Maximum daily

Available purchase options:
        -pay stations (Notre Dame only)
        -paybyphone app (free download) at Google Play or Apple App Store
                -Parking zones are: Notre Dame 15533, Stevenson Aviation 15538
        -pre-purchase on the Portal (

Where to park
We ask that all casual parkers park in a powered lot on a scramble basis.
Refer to the interactive Notre Dame campus map (bottom of this page) for locations of powered lots.
When parking at Stevenson Aviation campus, refer to the on-site signage.

Direct your questions to

Parking Portal

Welcome! Use your Parking Portal to make purchases in the parking system and manage your parking account.